Mini-Post | “Winter Landscape”, Caspar David Friedrich

Winter Landscape, c.1811, oil on canvas. (Copyright National Gallery London, NG6517).

And here is one of the snowiest, most wintery scenes I could find for my December Winter in Art series. This is Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich, which I think is as dramatic as it is seasonal!

Friedrich was a key member of the German Romantic movement – lots of his landscapes feature figures looking out at what is before them, consumed by thought, as well as the beauty of the natural world.

In this painting, you can see the silhouette of a Gothic cathedral looming out of the mist, but if you look closer, you can also spot the man leaning against the rock, praying to the crucifix partially obscured by the trees. The church and crucifix offer hope of resurrection.

Winter Landscape is in the collection of the National Gallery in London. When it was acquired in 1987, it was the first painting by Friedrich to enter a British collection.

Read more about Friedrich on Google Arts and Culture.

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