Mini-Post | April in Paris

I took some time away from social media over the weekend (we all need a break once in a while I think!) and watched my favourite actress Doris Day in April in Paris, which was a joy.

The trailer to the lovely April in Paris movie.

Doris plays a chorus girl, Ethel Jackson, who is accidentally sent a letter meant for Ethel Barrymore (a more “serious” actress), inviting her to represent American theatre at an art exposition in Paris.

Ray Bolger plays Winthrop Putnam, the assistant who made the mistake, who has to sort it out and accompany the beautiful and charming Ethel to Paris. You just know what’s going to happen…

Georges Seurat, “Eiffel Tower”, ca.1889. Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco.

It all concludes with a beautiful scene with this icon in the background. (Or rather, a picture of this icon in the background on a movie set)

So I couldn’t help but share Georges Seurat’s gorgeous little painting of the “Eiffel Tower”…

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, as an icon of modern industry. When Seurat was painting, it wasn’t quite finished – so you can see it seemingly blending into the sky at the top!


  1. Arriving late, catching a very early train east ( ultimately, to Krakow via Nuremberg) we decided to spend the night walking round the City of Light. October, not April. Unforgettable. Love the Seurat.

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