Mini-Post | “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash!”

Today would have been Johnny Cash’s 90th birthday, so I’m sharing some treasures from a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville.

“Folsom Prison Blues”.

Handwritten lyrics to “Folsom Prison Blues”, recorded for Cash’s debut studio album “Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar!”.

Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Photos of Cash and his second wife, June Carter Cash, taken for their joint album, “Carryin’ On with Johnny Cash & June Carter”.

Johnny Cash’s guitar.

Cash’s custom Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar, that was designed for him in 1959.

The Cash family piano.

The Cash Family piano, from the 1880s, was owned by Cash’s grandparents. It eventually went to Cash himself and was one of the first things he put in his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, when he bought it in 1967. Visitors – friends, family, famous people – would gather round the piano to sing and play for each other.

Time to go listen to the Man in Black…

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