Mini-Post | Bridgerton and Petworth House

Who has been enjoying Bridgerton Season 2? I have been so full of it the past week – and excitingly, was interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire on release day about the real history behind the London season – and have lots of related history posts planned, but of course I was first struck by the Bridgerton filming locations, and this one stood out to me in particular.

Just imagining Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton wandering around…

The North Gallery at Petworth House was used in Season 2 of Bridgerton as a setting for an art gallery.

Built by the 2nd Earl of Egremont for his sculpture collection, his son extended it as the art collection grew and grew. The red walls were chosen by the 3rd Earl.

A view of the North Gallery at Petworth, used as a Bridgerton filming location.

A friendship formed between the 3rd Earl and the artist J.M.W. Turner, who was commissioned in 1809 to paint the house and park. The Earl had been collecting Turner’s art before then, and it isn’t known when they first met, but by two decades later, Turner was using a room at Petworth as a studio.


  1. Thanks for posting about this, though I’ve not as yet visited Petworth we are looking forward to watching Bridgerton 2 so will look out for the gallery!

    A version of Petworth House (transported a little south of the town and called Tegleaze House) appears in author Joan Aiken’s alternative history title The Cuckoo Tree, along with the town itself. It won’t surprise you to know this is the town where she lived for a good many years in the former pub called The White Hart and then in The Hermitage:

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