Mini-Post | The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection began as the art collected by the first four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace – he was probably the 4th Marquess’ illegitimate child.

His widow, Julie Amelie, Lady Wallace, bequeathed it to the nation.

Up the stairs, you’re greeted with this lovely hall.

You can find the collection at Hertford House, which was the family’s London home.

The 2nd Marquess began living there in 1797, and it was a popular place for Regency high society.

I love these display cases and the chandelier!

Sir Richard had the lease from the 5th Marquess in 1871, a year after his potential father, the 4th Marquess, passed away. By then Hertford House was mainly a repository for their huge art collection.

It was remodelled before Sir Richard moved in, and then again between Lady Julie’s death in 1897, and its opening as a museum in 1900.

Read my post about Manolo Blahnik’s past installation at the Wallace Collection here.

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