Mini-Post | Wightwick Manor

“The conditions of art should be simple. A great deal more depends upon the heart than upon the head. Appreciation of art is not secured by any elaborate scheme of learning. Art requires a good healthy atmosphere.”

Oscar Wilde, “The House Beautiful” Lecture, 1882
Beautiful wisteria at Wightwick Manor, operated by the National Trust.

Theodore and Flora Mander subscribed to Wilde’s ideas in this lecture, art for art’s sake, when they had Wightwick Manor built between 1887 and 1893.

A library/sitting room I would love!

It was designed by Edward Ould in the Old English style – from afar, it looks a lot older than it is!

So much William Morris wallpaper!

Inside, you’ll find designs from William Morris (dreamy!), arts and crafts style and collections of Japanese and Chinese objects.

The dining room ready for food!

Most notable is the collection of Pre-Raphaelite art – this was primarily collected by their son, Geoffrey Mander, and his second wife Rosalie.

Isn’t the Great Hall so spectacular? It also feels kind of homely as well – though no house I live in will ever be this big!

There are some astonishing and beautiful pieces in this house.

A lovely place to sip a cup of tea!

Geoffrey actually gave the house to the National Trust in 1937 (really, it wasn’t that old at the time!) and he and Rosalie stayed living in it, curating and collecting and opening it to visitors.

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