Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Read and learn more about International Women’s Day here.

“You never know what little girl is going to benefit from that pebble you put down. All it takes is a pebble to change a girl’s life. Sometimes all it is is a message that they hear. It is that simple sometimes. Some girl somewhere sees you and goes, ‘I can do that.’ It isn’t magic. It’s just that they saw it for themselves, they heard it. Somebody told them they could.”

“One of the lessons that I’ve learned is that we have to have broader definitions for what leadership is so that we can see it in all forms that it takes…so that we can recognize it in ourselves, and in others, and we don’t overlook it. We’ll miss a powerful answer if we think leadership is men only. So, I’ve learned to be open, to be open to listening and learning and finding the leaders out there and to accept the leadership and myself.”

“Leadership is bravery, it’s courage, it’s sacrifice, it’s strength that has no race. It has no gender. It has no income. It has no nationality, no religion. It’s there in so many of us.”

Happy International Women’s Day – these quotations are from one of the women I look up to most, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, on empowering young women and on leadership, from the 2019 Obama Foundation Summit.

The photo of Obama is an Official White House Photo, 2013, Chuck Kennedy.

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