Podcast | Historical Friction, “Lost in Austen” (2009)

I’ve been putting all my knowledge (and immense love!) of Jane Austen to use recently – a couple of weeks ago, I did an event with Edgehill University entitled “Pride, Prejudice and First Impressions: Jane Austen’s World of Country Houses, Sisterhood and Social Comment” – it was recorded and is available for anyone who is interested, so please contact me here if you’d like to watch it!

Alongside this, I am so excited that I was a guest on the brilliant Alice Procter’s Historical Friction podcast, which explores history in pop culture, period drama and storytelling. We had a fun discussion about “Lost in Austen”, the tv show that transported 21st century Pride and Prejudice lover Amanda Price into the world of the novel. Alongside this, we discussed the Austen romance industry, what happens when historic houses become fictional sites and why people can’t get enough of Pride and Prejudice – myself included (I definitely divulge too much about the Austen-themed things I own!).

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here, but it is available wherever you find your podcasts!

In the podcast, we mention the Colonial Countryside project and the work of the National Trust, the brilliant work of Professor Corinne Fowler, Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers‘ book They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South, as well as other recent work on gender and slave ownership. We also discussed modern versions of Pride and Prejudice, including one of my favourites, Pride by Ibi Zoboi.

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