Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Cover picture: Fragonard, Young Girl Reading, c.1769. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., CC0.

“When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”

Michelle Obama

Happy International Women’s Day – may we have education and empowerment through knowledge for ALL women, ALL over the world, every day!

Detail of a woman reading from Manet, “The Railway”, 1873. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. CC0.

To this end, I thought I’d share with you some online exhibitions from one of my favourite resources, Google Arts & Culture, on Women’s History today…

Begin with Google’s exhibition on 10 Women Who Changed the World – from tennis to architecture to dance to NASA, these stories are fascinating.

Explore Zing Tsjeng’s exhibition on Remembering the Forgotten Women Scientists of History – Tsjeng is the author of the Forgotten Women book series.

Learn about Maria Tallchief, the American Prima Ballerina who proudly represented her Native American heritage and identity, in this beautifully laid out exhibition from the National Women’s History Museum.

Read the story of Evelyn Greenblatt Howren and her role as a Woman Air Service Pilot – it’s a fascinating tale of women in aviation from the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum.

Love football? In this exhibition, the National Football Museum follows the history of the Women’s World Cup through objects in their collection.

Read about the women artists who fought to have their work recognised and appreciated by the Royal Academy of Arts in their online exhibition.

Want to read more about women’s history on my blog? I’ve put everything on this subject here. And, if you’re interested on some of the ways women’s history has been written about in the past, read my blog post about William Alexander’s 1796 book “The History of Women…” here.

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